Sanremo Junior

International Children´s Singing Festival for soloist singers from 6 to 15 years old (pop, rock, jazz, folk, classical), accompanied by a live orchestra. One of the most prestigious international children´s contest for singers between the ages of 6 and 15 who perform with their chosen song, they are accompanied by a 39-membered live orchestra and they will compete with singers from other countries.
The organizer of Sanremo Junior is the Kismet company which is well - known all over the world via GEF - the World Creativity Festival in Schools. In 2017, Kismet organized the 8th year of this international singing contest for soloist singers which focuses on spreading music and singing among young persons and tries to give them the opportunity to experience the music with professional player in an international and multiethnic environment. The fact that the singers perform with a live orchestra is almost unique in the world. Every year, the Grand Final takes place in the world-known theatre Ariston in Sanremo, Italy. This year, the Grand Final took place from 1st till 7th May 2017. More information:
The Czech Republic participated in this contest for the first time in 2016, and Kristýna Petráková, a very talented 11-year old young girl, represented our country. She received a special award from the Commission for her performance.

Nela Duchačová (11 years old) represented the Czech Republic in 2017. She was placed 2nd in her category.

Adriana Habrdová (13 years old) represented Slovakia.

Sanremo Junior 2017/2018
Since April 2017 we have announced the castings for the Czech Republic and Slovakia for year 2017/2019.

The soloist singers will have the chance to compete in the individual rounds for the participation in the national final that will take place at the Hybernia Theatre on 21st February 2018, accompanied by Bon Art Pops Orchestra. Bon Art Pops Orchestra, which is consisted solely of women, accompanied the concerts of stars, such as Miro Žbirka, Chinaski, David Koller, Marek Ztracený, Michal Hrůza, Janek Ledecký, Dan McCafferty (Nazareth), Jaroslav Svěcený, Michaela Gemrotová, Radim Schwab and many others in the past.
10 soloist singers from the Czech Republic and 5 soloist singers from Slovakia will qualify the national final. They will go through an intensive preparation for the final gala, and not only they will demonstrate the art of a perfect singing, but also a cooperation with the orchestra, the conductor and the art of performing on a big stage.

The professional jury commission will then choose one finalist from the Czech Republic and one from Slovakia.
These two finalists will receive an advanced intensive course of Bon Art Music, SE, where they undergo the preparation for further personalities of art scene. No matter whether singer or musical star. They will take part in rehearsals with the live orchestra, recording in the studio, preparing of choreography, lecture of communication not only with the media and then, they will spend a week in the spa town of Sanremo where they will compete with the finalists from other countries.