DJ Wich

DJ Wich is one of the most famous and most successful DJs of the czech-slovak hip-hop scene. He started DJ career in 1998.
However, all this was preceded by meeting Indy and LA4 when, in 1994, they started together at Prague graffiti scene. In 1998, the group Indy and Wich was formed, having Indy as a rapper and Wich as a producer. They often cooperate with rapper LA4 (also as Lavor, Lafor or Gizmo) who appears on their performances and he is the third member of Indy & Wich.
In 2002, they released their debut album My3 which is still successful up today. Two years later, in 2004, Wich released the successful album Time Is Now, featuring many Czech and foreign guests. Next album Indy & Wich – “Hádej kdo…” (Guess who…) was nominated for Andel Award in 2006. One year later, Wich, in cooperation with Nironic, released the album The Chronicles of Nomad.
In 2008, Wich released another producer´s album The Golden Touch, featuring foreign guests such as Lil Wayne, Talib Kweli, M.O.P, Kurupt, etc…
One year later, Wich started to cooperate with Hi-Def and the album Human Writes was released. There you can listen to Hi-Def but also to Gigi Gabor and Rasco.
In October 2010 there was released another producer´s album The Untouchables, now, with one member of Cali Agents formation – Rasco. The album features many famous persons, such as Slovak rapper Rytmus, Planet Asia, Hi-Def, Nironic and Guilty Simpson.
31. 5. 2011 was released the second album DJ Wich & Nironic. This is a free continuation of the previous album DJ Wich presents Nironic: The Chronicles of a Nomad. It is titled Nomad 2: The Long Way Home and there are all together 21 tracks, including skits. Guests are Rasco, David Deyl, C Monts, Hi-Def, LA4, Ektor, Vladimir 518, Majk Spirit and Sixin. It was released upon PVP label.
In 2012, there was formed a cooperation of Ektor & DJ Wich, and in October that year, under Golden Touch Records, the first album Tetris was released. That received many positive feedbacks and Ektor with Wich visited many Czech and Slovak clubs under the Tetris Tour.
In December 2014, under Golden Touch Records, the second, long awaited, album Panorama was released, production covered by DJ Wich, rap by LA4. There appeared the key personalities of Czech and Slovak rap on this album, and at the same time, Lavor and Wich gave the opportunity to young ones, e.g. Mooz and Refew.
Over 15 years of his career on the music scene, Wich´s beats have appeared on all the major albums that have been released here.
Multitalented Wich has got his own clothing brand “Golden Touch Clothing”. For purchasing, load
He created music for movies “Gymple” and “Ulovit Miliardáře”, premiere on 1st October 2009, directed by Tomáš Vorel.
Awards of DJ Wich:
2001 –Anděl Award – DJ of the year
2002 – Dance Music Awards – My3 – the best album
2004 –Óčka Music Awards– Time Is Now – the best Hip Hop/R’N’B album
2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 – Žebřík Music Awards – DJ of the year
2013 – Youtube Awards – channel with the most subscribers in the music category
1.    Indy a Wich – Ještě pořád (2001)
2.    Indy a Wich – My3 (2002)
3.    DJ Wich – Time Is Now (2004)
4.    DJ Wich – Work Affair mixtape (2004)
5.    Indy a Wich – Hádej Kdo… (2006)
6.    DJ Wich presents Nironic: The Chronicles of a Nomad (2007)
7.    DJ Wich – The Yearbook mixtape (2008)
8.    DJ Wich – The Golden Touch (2008)
9.    Hi-Def & DJ Wich – Human Writes (2009)
10.    DJ Wich & Rasco – The Untouchables – Al Capone’s Vault (2010)
11.    DJ Wich & Nironic – Nomad 2: The Long Way Home (2011)
12.    Ektor & DJ Wich – Tetris (10/2012)
13.    DJ Wich – Yearbook 2013 mixtape
14.    LA4 & DJ Wich – Panorama (12/2014)
15.    DJ Wich – Veni, Vidi, Wich (12/2016)
16.    DJ Wich – Jako ryba ve vodě (12/2019)